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Volkhov Hotel accommodation rules

In order to comply to legislation of the Russian Federation, all visitors to the Volkhov Hotel should have the following documents:

Passport with a valid visa, migration card with a stamp of border control.

  1. Working hours – 24 hours a day

Check in time – 2.00 pm Moscow time

Check out time – 12.00 midday Moscow time

If you want to extend your stay, please ask at the reception and your stay will be extended (based on availability).

  1. Access to the hotel for registered guests is free. Visitors may have access to the hotel

on notification to administration from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm.

  1. Hotel bills are paid by cash or credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Maestro but not American Express

If you have problems with your bill please contact reception.

  1. Bills are calculated according to check out time 12.00 of the current day local time.

In cases of extended stay payment is made by the following rates:

No more, than 6 hours – payment per hours

6 to 12 hours – payment for half-day stay   

12-24 hours – one-day payment

More than 24 hours – payment for additional day independent of hours extended

If check in time specified before 1.00 pm, payment for half-day stay. Non-specified earlier  check in  - free of charge (with free rooms provided).

  1. Services free of charge:

Daily room cleaning

Change of towels

Change of bed sheets every three days

Cable TV

Wake up calls

Irons, ironing boards (provided on request)

Medical services (including ambulance calls)

Taxi orders

Storage of valuables and luggage

Land-line phone calls

Tourist information


  1. Payment for accommodation and charged services is made by prices established by

hotel administration. Information about prices and additional services is provided on reception.


  1. Hotel visitors should comply to the following rules:

No disturbance to other visitors

No littering in the hotel and in the rooms

Avoid infecting the rooms

Follow the rules of fire prevention

Inform hotel staff about danger of fire in the room

Leaving the room turn off water taps, light, hair dryer, TV set and leave the key on reception

Pay for damaged or lost hotel property

  1. Hotel visitors are not allowed:

To let other people stay in their rooms while absent, or give others their room keys

To take away room keys

To keep large unhandy objects, flammable materials, weapons, chemicals, radioactive materials, quicksilver

To use electric heaters, to plug in telephones, faxes and other means of communication

To readjust TV sets

To move furniture and equipment in the rooms and other premises

According to the Federal law No 15 FZ from February 23, 2013, smoking in the hotel is forbidden.

  1. Hotel administration has a right to enter the room without guests’ permission in cases

of smoke, fire, floods, or breaking the rules of accommodation.

  1. Hotel administration is not responsible for safety of money, valuables, phone cards, and

jewelry, which were not given to safe storage.

    We wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel!